Urban Latino Artists Show Their Support For Immigrants

Reports of mass deportations is striking fear in immigrant communities. Trump’s platform of hate has spiked hatred and violence throughout the country, to the point of putting them in danger. Women are dropping their domestic abuse cases, for fear of being deported. The community has not remained silent. Messages of resistance have flourished throughout all platforms and mediums, including urban music.

Farruko just released a music video for his song Don’t Let Go. The video starts with Trump’s racist comments against Mexicans from the beginning of his campaign and the story surrounds a couple that got separated because of an immigration raid.

The video ends with text that says “We are a nation of immigrants. Many come searching for the famous Amerian Dream, but every day, many families are destroyed by migration intolerance. No more hate or discrimination. Let’s come together.”

This isn’t the only immigration-related music video that has been recently released. Rafa Pabón y El Repique released Camina (Walk). The track includes lyrics like “the drug I bring is music to consume”,”don’t call me criminal if you create the projectile”and “if you don’t have a passport go on and walk we go through land or sea”.

These songs and videos are the results of exuberant pressure and abuse placed on these communities. It has infiltrated every part of Latinx daily life, and staying silent no longer seems to be an option.


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